I'm Francesco

Avid reader, restless learner, exploring the fields of Technology & Finance. Fascinated by the building-blocks our reality is based upon.

A photo of me


  • I'm focused on mastering the Software Engineering and Finance wizardries;
  • Reading, studying and learning new things is a priority;
  • Curious by default, I want to understand how things work under the hood;
  • Thoughtful and addicted to the multiple forms of beauty.

Okay, I want to discover more.

My adventure began in Como (Italy) the nineteenth day of January, where for the first time I felt how seeing the light was like.

I still don't know what the exact reasons behind this are, but the fact is that while growing up I got very interested about technology and scientific topics, fascinated by the underlying interconnections between everything around us. Trillions of interconnections per second, not visible at a first glance, yet ruling the whole universe.

I was thus attracted by that little grey box from which branched several cables, also called computer. I was interested on how it could be so useful in almost every field: from math to art, from games to business, able to create virtual realities and forecasts ruled by tireless algorithms.

So came my first computer: a nice Windows desktop, on which I tried many Frankenstein-like experiments. I enjoyed experimenting things, I felt like a mad scientist, and that feeling hasn't faded since then. So that first of all I added a transparent plexiglas panel on its side and four (or maybe five) really loud fans (except for the Noctua one, it was unbelievably quiet) along with colorful led lights, a lot of them.

I can also remember of a crazy trial-boot setup, running on the same hard disk Windows, Ubuntu and macOS (branded as Mac OS X in the good old days). The boot was managed by Chameleon.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard logo
the good old Mac OS X Snow Leopard
Chameleon bootloader
Chameleon bootloader
Kext installer
Kext installer

I installed the Snow Leopard version, maybe one of the best Mac OS version ever. I remember that I spent almost the entire summertime in order to make it work properly, trying to enable that damn Kext to get the Graphic Acceleration (QE/CI - Quartz Extreme / Core Image) on my GPU (an ATI HD5770). I became during that time one of the most active users on the Hackintosh forum. I lost the count of how many times I formatted and re-installed the entire system(s) from scratch, and unfortunately it was a really boring and time-consuming process.

After that I finally switched to a MacBook Pro (the colourful one with the TouchBar™), no more hundreds of cables and peripherals to manage or hours spent trying to connect the printer... One of the best tech buy ever.

My old desktop PC
me trying to get rid of my old friend (security first)
My new Mac laptop
here my shiny new Mac with some nerd stickers attached

Back to me, my childhood flowed slowly between friends, cartoons, books, games and snacks, first with the background of Oltrona, then of Colverde, both in northern Italy. As for the school, I decided to continue on the wave of my interests, studying at I.T.I.S. Magistri Cumacini, a technical public school with a very strong path on Information Technology (main subjects: Software Engineering, Systems Architecture and Telecommunications).

During my studies, with the desire to turn my gaze to something new and feed my mind, grew up inside me many other interests. For example, on the success wave and traction of MasterChef, I decided to experiment some weird things with food (see photos below). You can find more weird photos in my old website version, where I created an apposite section branded as Food Engineering. (Breaking news: actually I recreated that weird section in this website as well, and it looks great! Check it out here!)

Chicken plus caramel
chicken plus caramel and lemon
Poached egg
poached eggs with toasted bread
Salmon plus eggs
salmon plus salad and egg

I'm really curious and I'm usually not satisfied to just scratch the surface, I want to go deeper, much deeper, to discover the why of the things. I also like nature, a lot. It's extremely relaxing to walk between the trees in the woods or near the lake while taking photos of (or just observing) flowers and animals. It really helps me to clear my mind and be much more focused.

White flowers
white flowers found in the woods (northern Italy)
The longhorn cowfish
the longhorn cowfish (Zoo of Zürich, Switzerland)
A group of monkeys
a group of monkeys (Zoo of Zürich, Switzerland)
Passion flower
the stunning passion flower (northern Italy)
The spectacled bear
the spectacled bear (Zoo of Vienna, Austria)

I have many different interests, from Philosophy to Science, from Psychology to Finance. Basically everything that can help me on wrapping my mind around our weird reality catches my attention. At the moment I'm really interested and reading a lot about finance and investments (mainly equities and strategies). I tried to melt down those interests in my logo, where they are expressed in abstract circular shapes (ouroboros) that interact with each other.

During my free time, along with reading and hitting the gym, I enjoy travelling: seeing and feeling new places and different cultures is incredibly inspirational.

Schonbrunn castle
Schonbrunn castle (Vienna, Austria)
Valley of the Temples
Valley of the Temples (Sicily, Italy)
Rozenhoedkaai View
Rozenhoedkaai View (Brudges, Belgium)
Pizzo Stella
Pizzo Stella (Fraciscio, northern Italy)
Covent Garden
Covent Garden (London, United Kingdom)
Florence city centre
Florence city centre (Florence, Italy)

Regarding my professional life, it is mainly about web engineering, from idea to production, and you can discover much more information on that having a look at my online resume.

Interesting! What's next?