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10 Experiments:

WebAssemly/Emscripten - Canvas Animation logo
WebAssemly/Emscripten - Canvas Animation
Nov 2020
A fully configurable canvas animation based on WebAssembly and Emscripten.
React Star Wars Search logo
React Star Wars Search
Feb 2019
Search, view and get details of your favorite Star Wars characters. Discover, filter and get all the details of your beloved Star Wars heroes with this single page web application running on React.
React Awesome Search Box Logo
React Awesome Search Box
Aug 2018
A React based, interactive, keyboard accessible and well-designed search box. React + Redux, tested (Jest + Enzyme), fully keyboard accessible, interactive, and with some good emojis as side dish.
React Find Marvel Heroes logo
React Find Marvel Heroes
Jul 2018
Search, view and bookmark your favourite Marvel Heroes. Discover new characters and save them in you favourites! Created using React, Redux, Redux-Observable, CSS-Grid, and tested using Jest and Enzyme.
Node GeoMatch Logo
Node GeoMatch
Jul 2018
Filter a JSON dataset to return only records located within a given radius from a given point. It loads a list of JSON records containing geographical coordinates ({"latitude" : "X", "longitude" : "Y", ...}) from a given file. Then checks whether every record in this list is included within a given radius from a given point.
Python - Django simple REST app picture
Python - Django simple REST app
Feb 2018
A Python with Django experiment on creating a simple RESTful compliant web application. Responsive Front-end for managing a list of contacts, consumed via RESTful APIs provided by a Python - Django DRF (Django Rest Framework) server.
React ForEx Trading App picture
React ForEx Trading App
Dec 2017
A React (with Redux) experiment on creating a ForEx trading web application. It features a real-time exchange and an interface to place and cancel orders through faked APIs.
React memory card game picture
React memory card game
Oct 2017
A React based version of the memory card game, flip the cards over and match the pairs with the fewer attempts as possible! You have 10 couples of cards in different colors, you will see all them for a second and then they will be covered. You have to find the matches unveiling the cards with the same colors by recalling your memory.
React shopping App picture
React shopping App
Sep 2017
A React (with Redux) experiment on creating a shopping web application. I tried to imagine this app in a supermarket context, where there are touch-screen stations where using this software customers can select, order and pre-pay their virtual shopping basket. The station will print the recipe and then the software auto-reset itself for a new customer, updating the customer ID as well.
React fonts App picture
React Fonts App
Jun 2017
A React (with Redux) experiment on creating a visual application that tells the story of the most important Fonts. It shows a list of curated Fonts in a slider (built from scratch, no libraries used). Clicking on an item you can move between the different Fonts. Clicking on the selected one you open the detail page in a smooth and pleasant transition (all transitions are CSS based).