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List of the top blogs and websites about financial markets I check daily.

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I'm not affiliate with any of them, and I won't receive any money or reward of any kind if you click on them. I'm sharing them because I think they have really valuable content inside and it may be helpful and interesting for you the same way it has been for me.

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Well, this section of my Journal is still quite empty and under construction, counting just two articles (this one included) till now, and while things are going to change soon, I know that you, dear reader, are avid of valuable information to feed your mind with or to adjust your financial strategy.

For this reason in the meantime you can have a look at this list of the blogs and websites that I think are the best and most interesting among the tons I read regarding the financial world. These are the ones that I have safely bookmarked in my browser's top bar and that I read daily for updates, news, ideas and inspirations.

I hope you'll find them as valuable as I do!

  • JL Collins: one of my favourites, the Stock Series in particular is absolutely a must read, it's a bit long to read from start to end, but you won't regret!
  • The Conservative Income Investor: I literally love the writing style of this blog, heavily focused on dividends and high quality business. As its title goes, yeah, it's pretty conservative. You won't be bothered to buy the next disruptive BioTech startup trading at 80x its earnings (if you are so lucky that they are actually not losing money on a year-by-year basis).
  • Finanza Online Forum (IT): biggest Italian blog (in Italian) covering money and investments in all their aspects, from stocks to real estate, from bonds to art pieces, from value investing to day trading...
  • Stratechery: provides really well thought and thorough analysis of business models, strategies, and technology impacts.
  • Demonetized: a well written blog covering and analysing mainly finance, investing, geopolitics and history.
  • FinViz: I love the map visuals of this website. It gives you many metrics to beautifully visualise such as: day price % change, 3 months price % change, 1 year price % change, P/E, P/B, Dividend Yield, EPS 5Y Growth, Float Short, and many more!
  • Yahoo! Finance: very useful to get the aggregated financial data of many different stocks (covering all the major international exchanges) on an easy (and almost reliable) way. It is one of the few that does not focus solely on US but cover international stocks as well! Sometimes there are also interesting news/articles (despite the many clickbaits).
  • Hedge Fund Letters: here you can find both the latest and the archived letters from many hedge funds to their shareholders to have a look at and maybe grab some idea or inspiration.
  • Dataroma: this website tracks down many portfolios of legendary value investors, including: history, weights, shares count, recent activity, and reported price value.
  • Compound Interest Calculator: how can you even live without one of these?!

For updates, insights or suggestions, feel free to post a comment below! emoji 🙂


All the information and data expressed in this essay are for informational purposes only and are not to be intended as a financial advice. They may be or prove wrong, with the real possibility of capital and money loss, use them at your own risk.


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