Side projects and stuff created with the aim to solve a problem.

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Job Seeking Tracker picture
Job Seeking Tracker
Oct 2017 - Now
A simple yet powerful tool for effectively track, update and manage your job seeking activity. It helps you on your job seeking activity providing an intuitive and powerful way to track data. It features a company ranker (more on that on the website) which ranks companies based on YOUR preferences (everything is highly customizable). It ensures a simple overview of everything at a quick glance. There are also many beautiful charts to visualize and intuitively understand your data.
Vanilla CSS-Grid Grid layout picture
Vanilla CSS-Grid Grid layout
Nov 2017 - Dec 2017
A highly customizable grid layout based on the native CSS-Grid specifications. Here some reasons on why it can help you: it is (hopefully) simple and straightforward; It is based on native CSS specs created for the purpose (=== no CSS 'hacks' used!); It is highly customizable, need to change the breakpoints or class-names? It's just a matter of seconds! It's ultra-lightweight (just ~3KB uncompressed!); It's just the good old grid, nothings else that you may not need ;)
Math.mapRange picture
Oct 2017 - Nov 2017
A JavaScript enhancer for the Math object for mapping different numeric ranges while preserving values relations. It maps a numeric range to a new one keeping the values relations. After having downloaded it and included it (once) in your project, you can reference it through the native JavaScript Math object.
Product Tour JS picture
Product Tour JS
Jul 2017 - Sep 2017
A JavaScript library for easily manage user onboarding, UI discovering, product presentation, show your new awesome feature and more. It features out of the box fine grain positioning and dynamic re-centering. The positioning system is designed to allow both flexibility and fine-grain tuning, in fact it uses five inputs to determine the position of the tip. It is fully responsive and mobile ready. It is highly customizable, supporting on-select custom functions and dispatching life-cycle events.